At the firehouse show, I mainly used and processed samples from a reading of Lovecraft's The Fungi from Yuggoth, I thought it was fitting since Greg was reading the cage text on shrooms. I'm sure most of you all are aware of Lovecraft's peculiar style of the Macabre, and if you happen to be a fan, I strongly suggest downloading this Mp3, popping it in your Ipod and giving it a long listen to while you take a walk around dusk some evening; it's the reading in it's entirety (a little over an hour) by a man named John Arthur, and accompanied by Mike Olsen, who does an admirable job adding eerie synth washes and drones to Arthur's weathered retelling. As far as I could find, there is no CD available of it, but was issued on Cassette tape in 1987. I especially enjoy the long pauses between the paragraphs where Olsen gets the spotlight, eerie stuff, and a lot of fun to take and manipulate. Enjoy!

MP3 Here (21 Mb)

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