Nasty Material

Saturday night we played the Langdon Street Cafe in Monpelier, Todd and I having worked till later that night showed up just before we went on, and given that we decided as a band to just go ahead with some completely unplanned noise making, it was probably the best way we could have aproached it. For me at least, i thought it worked out the best; Getting out of work, driving home, loading up the truck real quick, stopping for a few minutes to go next door and tell the fourteen year old mother of three that one of her brats, not more than 3 year old, had opened up a window, kicked out the screen and was currently dangling out of it like mogley in a diaper, yelling little kiddy insults at me "Go away! HEY! hahaahaha Weeeeeee, Poop Poop on you! aaaaaahahaha...."Getting the truck loaded, and then Todd getting himself loaded all the way down to montpelier, rocking out to Guns n' Roses and the Boredoms, then getting there, loading in, pounding some Rare Eagle in the truck, quick setup and then bwamo. Magic time.

This time around we tried out a few new things, JB did a great job allowing for more space in his drumming, and for the better part of the first half, everyone was taking their time, and space - letting things come around at a more relaxed pace; Instead of playing the keys I started on the Bass, something i hadn't played in a few years - it was quite nice actually, and i felt right at home laying down a plodding accending/decending rhythm, doom and gloom being my two sign posts, i had the bass running through my Korg, and adding a bunch of reverb, slight distortion and oscilation which gave it a sort of Southwestern tremelo effect ala "once upon a time in the west" but on muscle relaxers, JB doing a great job keeping the sound both sparse and held together; Everyone else seemed to be on similar pages as well; playing loosly and with a certain restained venem. That number faded out, and another one took it's place almost instantly this one slightly more uptempo with Todd pondificating about what sounded like Gastronomical freedom, though i couldn't make it out, i don't think it really mattered much anyway, between him and ben they put on enough of a show for two nights, crawling aruond on the floor, throwing things, stomping, shaking, wearing tamborines like necklaces, and just generally making a lovely scene. And again, i was enjoying my Guitar parts, Drop D and alot of reverb, i was feeling it more than normal i think and i was enjoying myself for the first time in a while, pounding out some heavy rythms and randomly breaking in with random scree and discord.

After that number we all switched up a bit, JB took over Bass duties, and i took up the drums, in hind sight probably a bad idea, concidering that in my vast repitoire of instruments i don't know how to play for shit, the drums are probably in the top 3. That part of the show actually ended up sounding pretty cool to me alltogether, minus my extremely minimalist (that's what i'm calling it.) drumming 1/8 notes on hi-hat and kick, for 10 minutes straight, my right thigh was one giant knot, Todd did some nice psych-guitar, and everyone was following suit nicely as well. We end the night with the Pulse, which is probably my least favorite part of the evening, but it was a fitting way to end the night reguardless, a quick rocking bang. Then we headed home...

I won't get into to many details but lets just say that Todd can hold vomit in his mouth longer than anyone else i've ever known. It's amazing, his head was almost twice it's size, his cheeks ballooned out like a vomit filled puffer fish, and then he can spit it out of a moving vehicle with almost mathmatical precision right at the feet of a bunch of Bro-dudes, and in that very same breath, scream at them "Fuck you ya fucking baby Fuckers!"



greg davis said...

all i have to say is 'freeze dried beef'

Animal Parade said...


Anonymous said...

all i have to say is 'todd looks like he's pretty much ready to puke in all of those pictures'.

i want details.


Anonymous said...

todd is an amazing puker.

angela said...

why are you all such good looking rock stars?


p.s. tanner, you look like a musician who died tragically young in 1970.

Tmoore said...

give me a few more years, we'll see how prophetic that is ;)