Ouch! Growing up hurts

I dare you to not get this theme song stuck in your head.

In one of my recent sojourns through the vast trivial wasteland that is Wikipedia, i came across the page dedicated to the mega popular 80's family sitcom Growing Pains - while i remember watching it on occasion i don't think i was ever that into it; i was more of a family matters kind of dude, TGIF in the house...

anyway - instead of clicking through to find out the scandalous life story of Tracy Gould or Kirk Cameron, I stopped on this little section of the page titled International Names. Fascinating really, how culture is translated, or rather is lost in translation - these names strike me as sign posts to the mainstream cultural norms of the various nationalities. My favorite is probably China's sinister "Growing up's Agony" (me thinks i wouldn't like to live in China in the 1980's... or now.) or how it's juxtaposed against Japan's vision of the stoic patriarchy. Consideration should probably also be made for the re-translation back to English... Enjoy.

China: 成长的烦恼 pinyin:ChengZhang de FanNao - (Growing up's Agony)
France: Quoi de neuf docteur? - (What is new doctor? or What's up doc?)
Germany: Unser lautes Heim - (Our loud home)
Italy: Genitori in blue jeans - (Parents in blue jeans)
Japan: Yukai na Seaver Ke (愉快なシーバー家) - (Happy Seaver's family)
Latin America: Ay! Cómo duele crecer - (Ouch! Growing up hurts)
Spain: Los Problemas Crecen - (Problems grow)

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