Art Hop

I took a few shots at the art hop; i felt like it'd be fun to try and use no flash and a longer exposure time to see what i could come up with - most everyone is blurry - but their instruments are in focus, i concider it an artistic statement, yeah... that's it... |The Rest|

But before JB complains that he's never in any band photos taken with the band's he's in I went ahead and found his picture:

I then submitted this picture to the Crime Lab for further analysis & enhancement:

Analysis returned the following likelihoods:

JB: 70%
Giant Banana Slug eating JB's head:5%


jay said...

Hey, that's me next to Serpentor and the giant banana slug! I'll blame the fact that I look bloated on the superimposition effect created by the slow shutter, instead of the truth which is sausage, cookies & alcoholism.

ben said...

thats crazy thats what all my memories of the night, except for the part where i bobbed for apples, look likeben