Just what i needed...

... While i was spending the the afternoon at home, licking my wounds from a particularly unsettling disagreement with Jenny i figured it was the right time to organize some things in my life, really straighten somethings out, i figured my MP3s are the best place to start. Then i remembered Nick forwarded me the new Scout Niblett featuring a couple duets with Will Oldham, this is probably just want i need, i figured.

Misery loves Will Oldham yeah?

I was right on. With the first handful of tracks at least, i haven't made my way through it yet. Rather surprising actually - Scout Niblett's a grower for me, I've always appreciated what she's trying to do, i just don't always think she does it. This album she seems to be "doing it" with more frequency, and the numbers with her and Will are excellent, minimalist country-blues love songs with lots of tasty call and response and rough edged guitar and strings.

It all goes down as smooth as these vodka tonics - what is it, 95 degrees on a September afternoon?

Scout Niblett and Will Oldham - Do you wanna be buried with my People?

I just sneezed on my new Herb & Rose T-shirt, nice.

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