Badum *Crash!*

Speaking of genocide humor... at work today we had our first company sexual harassment meeting... stay with me now.

Two lawyers from a local business law firm, i think... PFC Law, (though i referred to them in my head through the excruciatingly long meeting as "PF Claw!") were just about to finish up their question and answer section of the info meeting when this one fellow coughed and raised his hand -

"Is "I was just kidding" a defense against sexual harassment?" A bunch of the guys in the office nodded in contemplative agreement, i guffawed - the lawyer blinked and responded, "No." Then paused as if wondering if his next statment was even worth it... "There's never been an precedence set regarding the "I was just kidding" Defense..."

A round of quiet murmuring.

Then one of the guys from the office quickly responded... "Wasn't that defense used in the Nuremberg Trials?"


casey said...

You truly are not making this up?

Tanner M. said...

No i'm very serious. That's just the tip of the iceberg in this frat house i call the office.

What was key in that tasty number is that half of the "suits" at the office are Jewish, but the joke wasn't made by a Jew...

I guess racism is cool at a sexual harassments seminar. There was also a rather interesting undercurrent by the lawyers directed at Hispanics/Latinos and their propensity towards "eye raping" and general loutishness with the fairer sex... These were of course, just examples, one lawyer informed us a couple times, remember, my great great grandmother was an Italian.

Jennifer said...

as a Jewish woman who's just grateful she's allowed to work, I don't see what all the fuss is about. I mean, isn't bum patting, breast oggling, and period humor part of any effective, successful work environment? Sure the men sometimes cross a line, but since draw it in the first place, complaining just seems like a waste of precious typing time.

just kidding.

jay said...

At least you work somewhere where the employees are smart enough to know what the Nuremberg Trials are...in my office you would have just gotten a bunch of blank stares.

Tanner M. said...


Undead Molly said...

"I was just kidding" is the official slogan of obtuse passive-agressives worldwide. "I can express as much hostility and venom as I want so long as I follow it up with 'I was just kidding'!". It turns the blame onto the victim for "overreacting" or being "too sensitive". Brilliant.

P.S. It's pretty fucking great that the psych grad student with a BA in cultural anthropology is becoming known for her genocide humor.