How to build a custom shelf for your Vinyl

If you've ever had a sizable amount of vinyl, you know just how difficult it can be to find the right place to keep them. Even if you find the right spot, the right shelving becomes the next issue. Most bookshelves lack the the proper shelf height to fit the average 12.5" records, nor the proper shelve depth - beyond that most are not sturdy enough as vinyl weighs quite alot.

Currently we have a rather nice spot in our living room a roughly 3x4x4 area in the corner that we've decided would be our record nook, not to mention the repository of all things precious, like our 12 tape North & South collection.

At that point i was using whatever i could find to crate the records, on the landing i had a couple old vegetable crates, you know the type - they work quite well; but where not as sturdy as I would like, not to mention, my collection had out grown them. Here in the living room; we were using the plastic variety - these warped and shifted with the weight of the vinyl and on one occasion completely collapsed. Beyond that, they were ugly, and didn't even hold all our vinyl. What was I to do?

First i pulled everything out - the DVD shelf, and the records, the lamp and plants, and started from scratch - it's funny how when you take things out of a room, often times it looks smaller, instead of more spacious.

Now here are the supplies i used; and that i recommend, but of course your proportions will vary. The beauty of this method is that you can rather cheaply and effectively build a custom shelf to fit the exact proportions of your space.

2 1x10 cut to 4 foot lengths
2 1x10 cut to 3.3 foot length

These are cut to match the lengths of the two facing walls the shelf will go along; one minus, the width of the other 10" board, as they'll be butting up against each other. If you're going to go much further lengthwise than 4' than i recommend stepping up to a 5/4" board. I went with a 10" board over a 12" to give the records a bit of an overhang of the edge to facilitate easy access.

4x two core partition stone
4x half sash stones

the four partition stones will be the outside supports; they have the same proportions as a capstone but they're hollow which makes them easier to lift and place; but heavy enough to hold that place. The half sash i chose for the middle joint, as i needed a surface area large enough for both boards to meet on.

Then next step is easier illustrated, but it's pretty easy all together... it's just a simple matter of stacking everything together; like making a lasagna.

The only issue you may run into with this form of shelving is if your ends aren't being supported against a wall, or are in a similar situation to the partition stone on the right end of this shelf; in these situations it'd make sense to cut another board the height of your shelf and secure the ends of your shelves, using corner brackets, or similar fasteners. All this though, may be unnecessary as the concrete blocks are extremely solid and support themselves, and as you add weight to the shelves above, they work as their own sort of fastener, holding them in place. But just to be sure, i tested them out against a "record flop!". Solid as a rock.

Here's it is; now the nook contains all of my records, as well as all of Jenny's with room to spare, and in eye pleasing uniformity. While i enjoy the utilitarian aesthetic of exposed concrete and unfinished pine board; feel free to paint and polish to your liking.

Cost of parts: 30$
Driving to Highgate:10$
Building something with my own two hands: Priceless.


jay said...

Nice post! I'm going to have to build one of these--my vinyl collection has finally outgrown the little wicker basket they were living in.

Jennifer said...

excellent work tan - the shelf looks beautiful!

The ARBitrator said...

Hee hee. . . bet I know where you got the parts!

Herb said...

How much do you charge for labor.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea buddy, just what i need really as ive got 15,000 122eps just sat around the house everywhere, even in our bathroom!. i really need something like this.
could you please tell me more if poss buddy-chelseablue96@yahoo.com im in the uk.

james White said...

Thanks looking really good mate, Might have to have a go at this myself. I need to build a computer desks with in build draws and a cupboard to house the computer in. I have looked around and for the cost of the pre made desks and delivery i could easily make a custom one myself. Just may need to borrow a couple of tools off my dad. :)