Cool wet grass,
Cool wet grass.

Japanese Maple or "Momiji" |link|

So, we're in the final stretch of the, "are you getting a raise and a promotion or shitcanned and disgraced" games here at work... So far the entire IT staff got the latter... my Development team (all four of us) is up next. Yay. In the mean time we've been given a form where we're to list our potential goals for the next quarter, by "Objective" "Specific Deliverables" and "Alignment with Company Goals", Fun. Meanwhile i get to watch out of the corner of my eye as my already small office cadre cleans out work areas and packs up personal belongings.

Kind of reminds me of that short story "The Lottery" - leaves me wondering which of us will draw the black dot and get stoned to death to appease the gods of "The bottom line." Part of me is kind of thrilled by the whole thing... i'm new to this world of corporate restructuring and downsizing, rumors flying around by IM, "They shitcanned IT, and we're a tech company WTF?" or "Did you hear? They're moving everything to Montreal..."

This one just came from a fellow designer:

[10:40] *********: What are you putting down under Alignment with Company Goals? I put "yes" for all of them
[10:40] tanner: lol
[10:41] tanner: i put "Chaotic Neutral"
[10:42] **********: ...?
[10:43] tanner: *dungeons and dragons humor*

and then on the otherside, i'm like... crap, i don't want to have to find another job right now, this is really inconvenient...

In other news:

Pitchfork Gives Music 6.8

The Onion

Pitchfork Gives Music 6.8

CHICAGO—According to the review, the popular medium that predates the written word shows promise but nonetheless "leaves the listener wanting more."


casey said...

I'm mentally pullin' for ya, Buck-O.

Tanner M. said...

tks Casey - looks like that mental energy pay'd off; cause I'm still employed... although,after the review process and deep painful biting of my tongue i feel a bit like it may not have been the best thing that could happen to me :)

time will tell.

jay said...

Glad I'm not the only one who had a rough day. I'm in a "drink a pint of whiskey and kick a puppy" kind of mood. Best to hide Oldham for the next 24 hours.

Cool wet grass...cool wet grass....

Herb said...

Yikes man. So that's what it's like wroking for a business that has "departments." Hmmm...

Way to get a Herb & Rose shirt, by the way. That shit will get you laid.

The ARBitrator said...

My company calls 'downsizing' 'rightsizing'. Pure bullshit - they fired two people in Derby Line. If they were 'rightsizing' properly, they would have hired about three more! Arrgh.