One week on Carmi

Thursday morning we climbed up Minister hill; it had rained all the night before and there was nothing but a massive and silent wall of fog when we got to the summit. On a clear day you can see all the way to Montreal... the only thing we could see was the tops of some evergreens below us and two hawks rolling around in front of us.

Jenny: When we reached the top of the cliff it felt like we'd ascended the peak of some ancient, mystic country, it was almost surreal, like nothing I've ever experienced. Most folks said we should hike it again when it's clear, and I would like to see that view, but nothing will hold a candle to the miles and miles of foggy mist. Two hawks flew out of the canopy and into the sky, it was breathtaking.

Oldham got ahead of us a ways and when he realized how far off he was came charging back towards us. This shot sums up the whole trip for me...

Jenny: earwahs!

We got to play host to Jenny's parents for a day and night; which is wonderful because they're such gracious hosts themselves, it was nice to see them come and relax, read books, drink wine, hike, laze about and hold hands.

Jenny: that was a nice thing to say tanner.

The sensation of being when this picture was taken is indescribable - The moon was shooting straight down to me. There were alot of nights that were perfect like this.

There were also alot of beautiful people -

...And old french Canadians arguing politics and milk prices eating 25$ steaks and washing them down with The Champagne of Beer.

Jenny: Tanner and I (with Eddy's help) found this gem of a peach of a restaurant in a tiny Vermont town near the border, The Crossing. I believe we were the youngest people there and probably the only Americans, which made for a lovely, out of state eating experience - as though we went to Canada too! We split french onion soup, crab cakes, filet mignon (medium rare, love allowed me to compromise on rare) and stuffed shrimp. The best part, I think, is an area we didn't visit, the dark, swanky, den of a bar that hasn't changed since the 60's and probably still plays new hits from Sinatra and Martin. In summation: hop the next ride to Richford with that special someone. Bon apetit!

Jenny: I opened my mouth, but I'm not sure anything really came out. I was in complete awe.

The Void... behind me you can't see franklin county, Highgate, Lake Champlain, and Montreal.

Oldham prefers the mud and shade... here he's taking a breather next to an old broken something or other.

Leon's Diner, he's got the good cheap breakfast.

Jenny: Another great Franklin county eatery! We watched The Price is Right, ate delicious homemade blueberry muffins, and found some pretty unique decor . . .

Pretty Jenny-benny day dreaming out the window. Not much else to do in Enosburg...

besides take artsy shots of Jenny...

Jenny: I was going for a very old, serene painted portrait look here, aided by the perfectly folded hands in lap, which aren't pictured here. Postmodern idleness at a Franklin County diner. I suppose you can take the vermonters out of burlington, but you can't take the burlington out of the vermonters . . .

... and of the walls. I love these three together; they say so much about Leon. It's like i knew him. I liked to pretend that, that was Leon there, and i was the little deer...

Jenny: he was a good man . . .

Jenny: stuffed

JB... i think he'd been drinking. Either that or he fell asleep while standing up. Both have been known to happen.

Check out my bulge. That's my sister Tara on the left, and my Dad's Girlfriend's Son's ex-girlfriend's daughter, Britany on my right.

Jenny: nice bulge, complete with phallus in hand! two shouts out for this lucky lady

Me and the Oldboy taking a snoozer

Check it out; i think the sunlight is trying to cop a feel of Jenny's sweet ass... hands of asshole.

Oldham's wondering if we were finally gonna get a chance to watch "Next of Kin" that night. We did. Oldham is forever grateful.

Jenny: You know why camping is so great? Because all day long all you really have to do is knit a hat. That's it, just do some knitting and make some outerwear. It's a sacred thing.

There are so many things that give me a boner looking at this picture of myself i don't know where to start... Ok, i'll start with my skin tight golfer's shorts.

Cutest Couple award... Meghan made like 45 Salads in the span of about a day.

There was a few days of moody weather; which suited me just fine; something about sitting on the dock watching heavy clouds roll off, that puts me at ease.

The homestead; Camp Campingston

Jenny: Birthday cake for Tan Tan! (later eaten by a hoard of pound cake loving ants)

The best breakfasts in world were had by us that week... I think Jenny and i put on about 5lbs each.

Jenny: so i guess i can't eat pancakes and burgers and creemees everyday and still fit into all my clothes. who knew?

This old electronic Organ rocks... a few dead keys, some dirty POTs, but a whole lotta warm buzzing and wirling. I think SP is summoning a spectre out of it....

Jenny: Another birthday cake for Tan Tan! (This one eaten entirely by hungry humans)

5 minutes before we said goodbye to summer, just let me set the timer... k.... shit. hold on...

Huge thank you to everyone who came; you all made last week truly magical - Here's to next year.

Jenny: Thank you babe. This week was without doubt the best vacation i can remember and i hold it very dear in my heart. right next to that spot saved just for you.


The ARBitrator said...

o_O somebody takes a lot of pictures. . . XD

jay said...

Who's the hawt guy playing the banjo? ROWR!

ben said...

what no picture of me and todd calling? wish we were there guys, missed it.

Herb said...


chris said...

i miss y'all, wish stacy and i could've hungd out!!! Today one of my students called me mr muthafuck'n brodie, i said "yer damn right" and i had to reprimand him for being too cool.

Tanner M. said...

Herb just because you're a never-nude and are afraid of getting wet doesn't mean you wouldn't have had fun... i told you before i left you were more than welcome to take your baggage with you.

Tanner M. said...

Chris we posted at the same muthafuck'n time!

the le duo said...

anyway, i was farting, and basking in its glorious fatness


Herb said...

Tanner, you're right. I'm sorry to have disparaged what seems to gave been a fun little get away, despite the absence of a Quizno's.