What a week.

What a week. Sorry i haven't updated lately - but I've had zero free time lately. And the heat... oh the heat. I forgot we get this kind of heat in Vermont, i was feeling spoiled by the nice mild / rainy summer weather we've been having. Pictures are coming soon; maybe some video - all things considered I'm ecstatic about my life right now, if i don't seem it, it's been cause i haven't had a fitful night sleep in what feels like a week.

Oldham's here! and he's settling in like a trooper; i was expecting theatrics and histrionics from the get go, but i haven't heard a peep out of him, the ride home he just sat on my lap, watching the trees go by out the window, and looking up at me with calm questioning eyes. He's eating well; sleeping alot, happy and playful most the time, and completely calm and curious about everything... he's gonna be a lady killer, i just know it.

The apartment is beautiful; so I know, and so the comcast guy said, after he had a nice little walk around, and after he used my bathroom and asked for a glass of water. I had mentally drawn the line at asking for a back rub... still havn't gotten the internet working at home though; something to do with my Vista installation i bet. Gotta love Microsoft...

Ok, back to work - gonna go walk the little dude here in a minute, he's staying with Jenny at Scribbles and Co. for now, since it's been too damn hot lately to crate his super mountain dog fur'd body at home without feeling insanely guilty. If you're walking downtown, stop in and stay hi to the little guy. Tell em, Tanner sent ya. In the meantime... check out my Twitter box (does that sound dirty to you?) over to the right, it's alot of fun... Oh and Congrats Scribbles and Pure Pop for winning Daysies! see ya tonight at the party!


jay said...

I met Oldham today! He's incredibly fluffy and doesn't have dog smell--awesome!

I'm also really glad you were able to find JC Penneys. Hope she's adjusting better to the new lifestyle now :)

casey said...

I intterupt this post to call your attention to The Diary, which has a particularly stunning entry this week:

February 4th 1932:
Thurs - Burned my hand frying meat - no news, quite cold.

I'm dazzled by its frontier-style simplicity. Further study is needed to uncover deeper levels of meaning. "no news, quite cold," indeed!

Tanner M. said...

I can't tell if your being sarcastic or not Casey - but, i'll come right out and say it, this chick has got me hook line and sinker - yeah yeah, i know she's some kind of distant relative, but i figure since it's likely we were never alive at the same time it's ok to pine... This chick is so pre-Freudian it hurts. Hurts, so good.