I knew it, i'm surrounded by Assholes...

Oh where to start... this is rich. So most of you know that i work for a tech company, we do 90% of our business via the internets. The tubes, for the layperson. So, it's safe to say that in order to work at this company a solid, average rudimentary understanding of technology would seeming be a prerequisite.


Take for instance, this - This is the installation disk for the Dymo labelwriter, know how i know this? It says right on it. Dymo label software. It even says it in French and Spanish. Well, a "colleague" approached me today to ask me if i knew why the CD wouldn't read in her disk drive, ignoring for the moment that i'm a web designer and these sorts of questions should go to IT, i figured i'd take a shot at helping her out, she was new here, time to score some points.

I took the disk in my hands... read the label; well... it seems to work for Windows & Mac, that's good... flipped it over to see if the disk was scuffed up. BAM! Here's your problem. See this, right along here? This is your problem.

Awesome. Someone, actually i know who, but they will remain nameless, so i don't become jobless. Someone who's job, at a tech company, is to be the repository for the various softwares around the office, thought it'd be a good idea to label an already labeled driver disk... on the other side. I'll cry when i see whats written on the Adobe suite disk. I knew it, i'm surrounded by assholes.


casey said...

That hurts me in my soul-hole.

jay said...

Wow. Just...wow.

Tanner M. said...

your telling me... i couldn't believe it. I was dumbfounded, literally. Then i laughed my ass off. I won't even tell you of all the other asinine shit that the suits come up with... "My computer... it's shit, it just stopped working. what do i do?" after a quick look over... "Your keyboards unplugged."

"No way."

"Yep. K. i'm gonna go back to doing the job i'm payed to do. you go ahead and keep doing whatever it is you so emphatically do."



Shane said...

could be worse. they could have used a ball-point pen to label it.

Flatlander said...

I don't know if I'm more shocked by someone writing on the disc or the fact that a tech company is still storing software on compact discs. Shouldn't it all be on a website somewhere?