Don't even know' er...

Ok, i don't think i've ever posted celebrity news unless it was of the musical variety - but i just happened onto this story and I'll be damned if it isn't one of the wierdest, sadest down right hilariousist things i've read before 10am.

Here's the long short skinny, Pulitzer Prize winning author's wife leaves self said Pulitzer prize winner to join Ted Turner's "Harem" writes letter to students to clarify situation, sites wife's sexual abuse by grandfather, p@WnzZ0Rs that Biatch good wins another Pulitzer prize, for passive aggression.

Check out these tasty morsels, and then go read the whole thing.

"Rumors will soon be swirling around the department, so I want to tell the full and nuanced story to the five of you among the graduate students and ask that you clarify the issues for any of your fellow grad students who ask. This sort of thing can get wildly distorted pretty quickly. You can feel free to use any part or all of this email to do so. I really appreciate your help.

Put down your cup of coffee or you might spill it.

Elizabeth is leaving me for Ted Turner."

"She has spoken openly in her work and in her public life of the fact that she was molested by her grandfather from an early age, a molestation that was known and tacitly condoned by her radically Evangelical Christian parents."

"And it is very common for a woman to be drawn to men who remind them of their childhood abusers. Ted is such a man, though fortunately, he is far from being abusive."

"Further, Elizabeth has never been able to step out of the shadow of the Pulitzer. As you know-and she knows-I have been an avid admirer and supporter of her work."

"She will not be Ted's only girlfriend. Ted is permanently and avowedly non-monogamous. But though he has several girlfriends, it is a very small number..."
Maybe he's genuinely happy for her and Ted.... Nahhhh....


Herb said...

Great Tanner. It's only a matter of time before you stort blogging about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Tanner M. said...

What can i say; the Schadenfreude was just to tasty to resist.

Brooke said...

I was hoping someone would blog about that (guess I should've). Kudos for following the intrigues of the literary elite. For more on her side, go to Amazon to read her biography accompanying "His Lovely Wife," written while they were still together. It's a pretty passive aggressive little number.


It sounds like he got the dog she's pictured with.