I woke up early this morning with the three windows that surround the head of our bed rattling - outside the sky was whipping around and dark. Oldham, from his crate down by the foot of the bed was staring out at me. I shut the offending windows and cut off the flow of cold wet air and climbed back into bed. A few more minutes and the rattling returned, so again i got up, Oldham cocked his head at me, i grabbed a shirt and found the rattle - jammed the shirt between two window panes.

The first C&H strip November 85'

When winter comes the storm windows will keep that rattling down, and hopefully we'll have large heavy curtains to keep the cold from filtering through.

The last C&H strip December 95'

Waking up some hours later the sky was still brooding, throwing on a heavy flannel i grabbed Oldham and headed out for his morning constitutional. When i plopped him down on the wet grass outside the apartment he sleepily sat down and stared up and around at the sky for a solid minute. It was pretty interesting. Feels like the season wants to change, but it'll be a little while yet.

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