Max/MSP eat your heart out

Like so many technology/music nerds, i've always enjoyed exploring different ways of combining my love of the two into one; i remember being in junior high and getting my hands on my first pirated copies of Fruity loops and ACID! Spending hours mixing loops, and cutting up beats... eventually it would lead me to world wide fame and adoration after i single-handedly invented electronic music and sample based hip hop. Please, please, save your applause, for the homeless; they do need it so.

Well, now someones gone and made the coolest thing ever. Watch the video, then read the rest over at |wired|


jay said...

About time they create a computer-based music program that addresses the importance of tangibility and physical space. I remember going to a performance art symposium in college where there was a great discuss about computer GUI and how the original plans for how computers would interact with their users were much more physical than what they ended up developing and we have come to know today.

Computers should adapt to human methods of communication and interaction, not the other way around. It looks like developers are finally taking a step backwards in the right direction.

casey said...

Plus it's pretty.

jds said...

Club scene of the future. I just hope the future it doesn't have the Minority Reports pre-crime officers as well.