I've been recalled!

Either that or I've somehow been reincarnated as Barbie's Bitch. Literally. But i haven't died... have I? News of my canine doppleganger came to me by way of a Mattel product recall that's recalling thousands of various childrens toys that apparently contain large amounts of dangerous Lead. When contacted for a response Mattel's head of product safety responded by saying "You'll have that..."

"Tanner... have you been getting into the lead again?"

This particular product "Barbie & Tanner" not only contains a large amount of lead, but an even larger amount of tiny little glossy ticktack dog shits - shits, that i poop out, when you grab my tail.

So far as i can tell they've done their homework.

All things considered I'd risk madness and a slow death by poisoning to get my hands one of these "poopin puppies" hey look at that, here comes my birthday...

Big thanks to Jamie-Lynn for the headsup and Jay JB, and Ed for coming over last night.

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