Let's Go Camping and...

You're all invited. ALL of you. (Jenny's note: Everyone? that sounds creepy, what if like, there's some obsessed weirdo with pictures of you on his wall and wants to go all sleepaway camp on us...) That means you, reading this right now, you're invited. (providing i know you, from real life, somehow. And your not gonna show up and kill us all.) Invited to get the hell out of Dodge, for an afternoon, for the night, for a few nights, or if you find enough time from your day to day, for the week.

Here's the scoop. I've got the run of this huge log cabin in a nice remote spot on Lake Carmi up from the 25th of this month, to the 1st of the next, Saturday to Saturday, Sunny unfettered day to sunny unfettered day. I want you all to be there, if you can make it.

This log cabin is amazing; open style with a huge living room, 3 big bedrooms (6 beds), two porches, one closed in for those storm watching nights, grill, dock, fire pit, kayaks, boat, tubes. Water, grass, stone, tree, leaf and oar. It's all there really; just bring something to contribute; a cash donation, food and drink for everyone to share, swimwear, hiking gear, Canoes, lawn darts (that's right, this is Franklin county!) or something to sleep on/in, and if you can't wrangle anything but yourselves, that's great too.

The accommodations are first rate; if you wanna rough it, sleep outside, but inside, its pretty swanky. there's a couple bathrooms, a fully functioning kitchen, microwave, range, oven, sink, dishwasher, couches, fridge, TV/DVD, wood fireplace, balcony, and even air conditioning. But i can't imagine we'd sink so low as to sit indoors with the AC on watching DVDs. Unless, of course, it's "The Great Outdoors."

Here is the google Map - it's a pretty straight shot North on 89 till you get to Ol' Saint A. then you get off and are treated to a nice North Country drive through parts of Highgate, Sheldon, Shawville, and Franklin. If you have anymore questions, or plan on coming down please email me here.

Also, Saturday the 25th, is the official end of summer/Tanner's Birthday/Jay's Birthday/Fuck it, it's everyone's birthday, cause everyone seems to have been conceived in the dead of winter... Party. So if you're gonna be here, be here, then. We'll be whooping it up proper; just us kids.

Hope to see you all there, and here's to getting the hell out of dodge!

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The ARBitrator said...

Count me in! I'm going to try to pull myself away from the house rebuilding on the 25th/6th. I'll be there with alcoholic beverage in hand.

And, just in case I forget, Happy (almost)Birthday to you! :)