Dom a son meilleur!!

Wow, i'm not sure exactly what i love about this; maybe it's the fact that this french couple took the time to record and upload a video of them busting a zit, but it's more likely the pay off at the end - holy crap - that is one serious zit. If you're like me, you've had a couple of these bad boys at one point or another, and you know how it feels to have a giant rock hard zit that just won't go.
Though now i'm not so zitty - growing up i had my fair share of em; my father on the other hand has always had oily skin and been prone to cysts like this guy's (i'm sure he wants me talking about his cysts)so mornings often involved me and him in the bathroom brushing teeh and busting each other's back zits with sadistic glee:

"Ooooooh sucker! leave it alone!"

"Hold still dad i almost got it!"

"Leave it, it doesn't have a head yet!"

"wait wait, i almost -"

"Yeeeeouch! knock it off!"

"Ok ok ok..."


"Son of a gun! i said stop!"

Our bathroom mirror often resembled a Jackson Pollock painting, reguardless it was good father/son bonding time and an activity that goes back to the monkey-days i'm sure. Instead of pulling out lice and eating em, we're busting zits and laughing at each other's pain, priceless. And yes, i do recognize the obvious sexual connotations of a "rock hard zit, that just won't go" you perverts.


Molly said...

Great videos (and stories, photos, etc) posted here:

Yer Pop said...

poopers! keep your darn paws off my zitty back! enuff i said!!

Tmoore said...

Molly, thanks for the link - you don't know how happy it makes me to know there are others like me out there... oh the lonelyness, the shame i've felt over the years.... now i can stand up, with an army of millions behind me (or a handful of LJ's) declare proudly, with dignity and certainty "Yes, i have a zit! It is on the top of my ear, where the cartilage is, and damn does it hurt, and by god i really really will enjoy busting it!"

Thank you, (tears.) thank you all, goodnite.

Molly said...

My friend Amanda alerted me to that group awhile ago... I grok your tears.

Anonymous said...

electonic zit remover


Tmoore said...

hmmm... no sir, don't think i like it... all it does is apply heat to a concentrated area... no fun, no satisfaction.

now maybe if a little lid hinged off and a giant mechanical hand in a big white glove came out and expertly latched onto the offending zit, then i'd be a happy camper!