Anyone wanna go in on a Castle?

only 26,000,000 Euro
This exceptional and one of a kind Castle has participated in French history, will offer you a medieval atmosphere ( woodwork, stones...) with every modern convenience ( central heating system in each rooms, video room, hidden lifts...). 6 second stone houses, 5 barns and many other outbuidings complete this wonderful property. The 200 ha are composed by parks, woods, grasslands, ponds and river. Located in the South of France.
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On another note, I had a chance to sit down this weekend and read the entirety of Allison Bechdel's new graphic novel "Fun House". I've always been a mild fan of her "Dykes to Watchout for" Comic, though often times it gets a little thick with uber-liberal rhetoric. Luckily for me this book avoids all that and focuses on something much more interesting, self discovery, childhood and family trauma. I won't get into an indepth review, since Margot just did one, (that would put mine to shame.) but I will say that I didn't put it down once, read it straight through in one 4 1/2 hour sitting.

By the end of it I was quite touched; that Allison was able to find understanding and some closure to the events of her childhood, events that most people might have chosen to simplify and villainize, or worse still, forget. Further still that she was able to acknowledge her father's wonderful talent and gifts along with his terrible truths, and to see their inseparable connection to her own, was enlightening.

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