Geek's Journal #7

I havn't posted in about a week; that is far to long for my tastes, if i were reading someones blog and they didn't post for a week, that sucker'd get deleted, hell they'd get deltree'd. So, i apologize, luckily i have my guest bloggers - mostly chris though, cause Herb's been to busy wringing his hands over how god awful Superman was (the man is almost completey invulnerable and near omnipotent, that's bad news right there, but that's also another blog entry.... Herb?).

Me, well i've got alot on my plate right now; i've been put in charge of designing the front end for Pure Pop's website, and since i've been formally designing for...oh, 3 weeks now; there's quite a learning curve. On top of that i'm getting paid to blog elsewhere so some nights when i really want to sit down and do my thing i end up having to do it for someone else; though i'm not complaining i blog about gaming so when i play video games i call it research.

On top of all that there's this little thing i call a social life; if it's not really social than it could maybe be called a life; but hey it's mine and i'm holding on to it with both hands. That involves leaving my desktop once in a while, Eva likes it when i go over to her house, and even sometimes we go into the outside world, with the trees... and the rabbits and the big white fluffies in the big bright blue world ceiling....

Actually i get out quite a bit, this weekend we went Kyaking around a bit of lake champlain; ate dinner on the islands, did some serious swinging on a swingset and tooled around an antique sale - all a really lovely day;
but as the sun started setting i knew i needed to get back to my trusty desktop and start doing those things i do, (and love to do...) Well; i made a decision a couple days ago, actually a couple weeks ago, but a couple days ago i made good on that decision; that if i was going to take my interests in web design serious, i'd also have to take my freetime serious. I needed to organize myself so that i could get more work done, and have more time to play around and do "research".
Working 40 hrs a week and then trying to blog and design doesn't leave much time if you don't get a little organized.

Thus, my new lover laptop - not just any laptop either... oh no, it's a Mac. My first, if you don't count my ipod, or my mac monitor. which, really don't count. It's a Macbook, a white one. and at the moment, i'm installing WinXP so i can Dualboot; about three people out there give a shit, but for the rest of us, that's really awesome. Anyway - Now i can take my work with me when i go out; do a bit of socializing - even maybe get outdoors this summer. Now while Eva is slicing footage i can get some work done myself instead of watching reruns of MXC and blind date. (i hate myself.)

With all that being said, i have to go to work in a few hours and it's late; but i plan on having more time for this blog soon enough; also in closing i want to say just how unbelievably grateful i am to all those people who donated to my tip jar. Thank you SOOOOO much, currently there is almost 30 bucks in my paypal account thanks to you. It makes me feel really swell to know that to someone out there this blog is worth 50 cents, or a buck or whatever... Cheers!


c.l.miller said...

So Superman Returns sucks, does it? Shocking.
Lady Vengeance, while not without its flaws, is very much worth seeing.

c.l.miller said...

...And congratulations once again on your svelte new mac book! My jealousy knows no bounds. I'll be looking forward to your evalaution!

The Le Duo said...

cut your hair

just kiddin


The Le Duo said...

anyway, sorry you didnt like Superman (has there ever been a comic book movie that you did like?) but I still may go see it- ever since your passionate support for 'A History of Violence' I'm not sure if I can trust your taste in movies anymore. So anyway, I'm the dorky/artsy kid in school and I have to go beat up a cliche...I mean a bully. suck

Eva the Deadbeat said...

damn! that's one fine looking sleek hot mac book mama you got there! but if we were both stuck in a burning building, who would you save? huh? huh? ok, i know, i know, too obvious - but promise to blog me a nice eulogy on that fine mac book once i am burnt to a crisp!

PS you are a natural born kyak-yak-yak-er! this weekend, kyake adventure #2, and perhaps we will even make it out to an island!

casey said...

Superman Returns is quite good. Don't listen to the cynics. They just hate blue tights.

And I usually hate comic movies, even though I'm a comic reader. The new Batman was pretentious hooey no-fun. But this Supe shit had an apple pie heart and bitchin' action. Maybe y'all just don't like the character....