#1 Beatles Song?

Man i dig the bass on this track, and the sentiment i couldn't agree with more. Definatly my favorite Beatles track. Here's what Woebot has to say:

This is pure Lennon this and The Beatles most presciently psychedelic track, pointing as it does to the mood and tenor of Revolver and the LPs after it, records I've been familiar with for a long time. Ian McDonald is dazzling on the subject of "Rain":

“Generally agreed to be The Beatles finest b-side, Lennon’s “Rain” expresses the vibrancy lucidity of a benign LSD experience. However, the weather imagery would be banal were it solely metaphorical. What alters this is the track’s sheer sonic presence- an attempt to convey the lustrous weight of the world as it can appear to those under the drug’s influence. Lennon’s ‘rain’ and ‘sun’ are physical phenomena experienced in a condition of heightened consciousness, the record portraying a state of mind in which one is peacefully at home in an integrated universe.”

If your interested in reading more check out Woebot's top 10 Unfamiliar Beatles Tracks: (here)

Big thanks to Ben H, for finding this one!


I also wanted to thank Rachel and JT for hosting the first ever Seamonster's Movie Night, featuring not only the amazing "Bicycle Thief" but two Studio Ghibli shorts, one directed by Miyazaki, and one by his second in command, Takahata. I fell in love with one of the shorts about a young cello player given lessons by local woodland creatures, and a cat. I was also very suprised to find out later that
"Takahata has been influenced by Italian neorealism, Jacques Prévert, and French New Wave films during the 1960s. The Bicycle Thief has been cited as specifically influencing 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother. These influences make Takahata's work different from most animation, which focus on fantasy. His films, by contrast, are realistic with expressionistic overtones."
A very interesting Coincidence.

If any readers out there have interests in Classic films and Cartoons, relaxing in a lawn chairs or sprawling out on a blanket under the stars on warm summer evenings, sharing laughs, snacks and drinks, than join us at the next Seamonster Outdoor Movie Night!

(extra special link: Disney's American History X mash-up: youtube)
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Eva the Deadbeat said...

you have GOT to see Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle. my very most beloved film from my very favorite children's book!

The Le Duo said...

Howl's was good...but Billy Crystal?


awesome said...

i love that takahata / bicycle thief connection!! wow!

i miss bruno.


c.l.miller said...

WHERE did you find a copy of Sero Hiki No Goushu/Goushu the Cellist?

c.l.miller said...

...and what was the Miyazaki film?

Tmoore said...

My friend JT is a Miyazaki nut, and has pretty much everything ever by the guy, actually, he's a studio Ghibli nut; the Miyazaki short was this great inhouse job about 3 ghibli animators that decide to go to lunch at a curry house that serves the hottest curry in all of japan... i'm trying to get a copy of both from JT, and when i get it i'll get you one too chris.
Goushu was amazing by the way... magical.

c.l.miller said...

Ah. Ghiblies.
That would be fantastic if you would be willing to pass them along... thanks! There's a lot of pre-Ghibli stuff like Goushu which I haven't had the opportunity to see.
...and FUCK whoever made the decision over at Pixar to not include Ghiblies Episode 2 on the US release of The Cat Returns.

Molly said...

I won't watch any Miyazaki/Ghilbli that doesn't have an insightful intro by John Lasseter.