Soft Rock: First Impressions

Soft Rock 2

Nice fade to front; heavy - this could hurt;

guitars are dancing like visions of sugarpl- Digi-beats! strummy guitars - Droning tones, nice placement; high and lonesome; theese ees country music no?

warm, gauzy... Casey in his own words seems to be asking... "have you ever been mellow?"

understated beats, subtle glitch....

[ok i see whats going on here, switching over to headphones]

And guitar! ...very nice; a little to notey for my liking; but redeemed! ahh... the textures, there they are... this truely is soft; Casey has some questions that he needs answering; jars of honey and all that.

how to end the song though? hmm... digi-delay that fucker... and then fade; safe.

Soft Rock 1

Woah, would the real casey's voice please stand up? nice harmonies, a choir of Casey backing up a heavily stereo delayed panned accoustic casey. Brooke, your feminine charms are mellowing this guy the fuck out -

textures are taking more of a back seat - then there are the synth strings, man, those babies have come along way havn't they; wait, ok here come the textures, somethings coming up is that a pia- oOooh Noise!

Hey there, electric guitar was getting a little lonely without you, ooooh, very nice Damon and Naomi, eat your hearts out; could have done without those pitch effects at the end though... but like the way those notes descend into the piano (did i mention the piano?) - and fade out, where'd the music go?

Soft Rock 3

Accoustic again, soft still - i'm detecting a theme, and a consistent mood; more multi-casey, still lovely, a bit more focused melodicly; casey nice vocal range.

Choir of Casey says "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." i agree.

And Drums! i think these might be live drums; who cares though really - sounds good; this track is getting very nice.

Stop.... ... Start again! with more guitar, this works, i like it. Excellent guitar interplay, staby staby staby stab; wobbly wobbly wobbly woble.

there's some Masaki Batoh infulence here, but you're making it your own. that's right and you know it too don't you casey... just let that one play out for a while.... that's it, very slow fade; and the digy-reverse into drone out.... very nice.

Last Beat of My Heart

Accousticy, but... is that room noise i'm hearing, Tanner likey, and is that an air organ of some sort? Ah, the true heart of the album has revealed itself; shed it's synth-clothing and displayed it's true colors; ladies and gentlemen, i give you space-country.

Echoey vocals! this is good - Casey left the choir, and now he's walking home alone, musing to himself on a cool empty night, "here and now... something something something" (where's the lyrics!)

The real Casey's voice has just stood up; and has quite a bit of character - a bit of bolan, a pinch of parsons; this is the voice of space-country.

This is the Soft Rocks "everybody knows" but completely the opposite (that's a good thing, but then again... "everybody knows" is awesome... and so is pump up the volume; i have an old cassette tape i took from my mother, who loved christian slater, and she had Cuffs taped on it, but i taped over it with episodes of Mr Show, but the tape is so old, that once in a while, during an episode, it'll just cut over to Cuffs, which was awesome.)

wait, the song just ended, crap!


Outro music; field recordings - muffled talking in my right ear, simple plaintive guitar; fade out with... is that a sample of a real choir (ironic)?

[headphones off]

That ended quickly; i need a cigarette and a hug.


Casey Rea is the Music Editor at Sevendays, and i used to work with him at Pure Pop but he escaped, never to return. (sevendays)

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casey said...

Thanks for the props, man!

It's funny to have this thing out, as it was meant to capture a fleeting mood from two years ago! I think it achieves on that level, but there are so many little things I would do differently now. Ah, well. Next time, I'm going dark again.

If my plane crashes, it'll make a fine collector's item/final document.

casey said...

Don't tell anyone, but "Last Beat" is a Siouxsie & the Banshees cover. The packaging on the 3" discs is limiting, text-wise. Plus I like the mystery.

I thoroughly re-imagined it, though. The original has a sort of WWII-in-Berlin, martial feel. I thought it'd be cool to turn it into a ghostly, steel-string thing. But the rest of the disc is all original, for better or worse.

Here are the lyrics to the Siouxsie tune:

In the sharp gust of love
My memory stirred
When time wreathed a rose
A garland of shame
Its thorn my only delight
War torn, afraid to speak
We dare to breathe
A bridge of sighs
Solitude sails
In a wave of forgiveness
On angels' wings
Reach out your hands
Don't turn your back
Don't walk away
How in the world
Can I wish for this?
Never to be torn apart
Close to you
'Til the last beat
Of my heart
At the close of day
The sunset cloaks
These words in shadowplay
Here and now, long and loud
My heart cries out
And the naked bone of an echo says
Don't walk away
Reach out your hands
I'm just a step away
How in the world
Can I wish for this?
Never to be torn apart
Close to you
'Til the last beat
Of my heart
How in the world
Can I wish for this?
Never to be torn apart
'Til the last beat
'Til the last fleeting beat
Of my heart

Tmoore said...

great lyrics;

i heard a rumor that a miss leda was once featured?

casey said...

Nope. All my vox on this one.

She was on a very old, very limited album. We did a pretty spooky version of "Gimme Shelter," and she sang another tune I wrote. She's got a killer voice, though. I'd love to get her on future tracks.

In case you're wondering why I'm sittting here commenting on blogs, it's because I can't do much else tonight. Gotta get up at 4 a.m. and fly outta here.

The Le Duo said...