Super Nerds!

Eva just put me onto this, it's the Pilot episode of a failed sitcom called "Super Nerds"- seemingly another attempt to capitalize on that growing (and maturing?) demographic of comic book fans, sci-fi junkies, video game dweebs, and the generally oft-ridiculed and now no longer marginalized.

Thank you, the interweb.

Anyway, i normally wouldn't be that interested in a show trying to capture the geek world as it doesn't seem to be a world easily, or at any rate, accuratly portrayed, being that it's nature is constantly changing and secretive, kind of like Al Qaeda, sorta.

(Eva (over shoulder): "Crafty nerds...")

Indeed; But this show seems to have been made by nerds for nerds and stared a cast of some of todays most brilliant comic minds, including Brian Posehn, Patton Oswald, Sarah Silverman, and that guy from Mr. Show, that i love... John Ennis, there we go. (thanks wikipedia.) These guys actually seem to be true nerds; and the humor reflects it.

For example at 0ne point an argument breaks out between the two main characters, brian and patton (one who manages a comicbook store (a disheveled and dimly lit mess very reminiscent of Pure Pop), the other just hangs out and reads comics) and Sarah Silverman, who justed invited patton to go to a convention together dressed as Batman and Catwoman.

Brian guffaws, "catwoman is a villain"
silverman says, "ok, maybe Green Lantern and Scarlet Witch..."
Brian "Scarlet witch is Marvel, and Green Lantern is DC!
Silverman "Ok... maybe it's a crossover"
Brian (incredulous) "There's a huge difference, every time there's a crossover it doesn't work because there power's arent analogous.... you're talking two separate universes!!!!!!"
lol; priceless... i think i've actually had this conversation with Pure Pop's resident comic dork Herb (i got my BA in Comic Books) Van Der Poll.

or later, as they both side and think to themselves:

Brian: Look at that smug little hobbit, dreaming about all the hot nasty devient sex he'll be having with Gwen... no fair

Patton: ahhh yeah... it's finally gonna happen to me.... once i get those resident evil cheat codes, it's hello level 4.....
Anyway, it's a shame it never made it past the pilot; but until then there's great shows like "The IT Crowd". By the way... XP is running well on my macbook nicknamed "Mac 'Cuin" screens are on their way. I hope everyone enjoys there's days off from work, if they get any - and maybe even gets some sun (i'm planning on going sailing!)

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Molly said...

I totally made an Elf Quest joke a few weeks ago.

I wish there was a community of horror nerds. We could hang and debate vampire physiology and collectively deny the existence of "Land of the Dead".