Highgaters in the News

For my first installment of "Highgater's in the News" Meet Kyle Berthiaume, a 16 year old from my home town. He just got arrested for raping a little girl, repeatedly, at his mother's daycare. Also for molesting another girl at the local Highschool MVU.
When asked to make a statement Kyle replied, "I'm not saying nothing,".
This leads me to wonder, what happened to the good ol' days of Highgate? Days when the biggest headline was catching one of the Rainville boys humpin on one of their cows, or a simple redneck beatdown on a minority, or maybe some local drunks running down a pedestrian. Those halcyon days are gone, for good it would seem.
You can read more about Kyle over at WCAX.com (link)

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The Le Duo said...

you know what they say Tanner, you cant go home again...seirously-aren't there still some outstanding warrants for you?