Too much Red Wine...

and sun dried tomatoes,
and heavy cream,
and Parmesan cheese,
And bursting yummy pomegranates
and crispy Pancetta, and butter paw licking JC
and fresh stuffed tortellini
and homemade Maple basalmic vinigarette
and happy house guests and pets.
and a Skillful chef
And Doctor Doolittle.
and fresh local nuts and vegies
and a lovely handmade dinner table
and did i mention the wine?

Oldham says: "Josh, you go ahead and eat, i'll handle this one


Herb said...

My god, the shit you get up too...

josh said...

Oh, and you forgot too many rocket launchers that accidentally blow up coincidentally-flying-by planes instead of the haters.

Tanner M. said...

Fat content of quart of Heavy cream used in Carbonara, 5 grams per 1tbs serving x 64 servings = Are you fucking kidding me?!

estimated grams of fat consumed in Tortellini Carbonara = I've already had 3 heart attacks trying to shit this meal out.

can't wait to eat the leftovers for lunch.

jay said...

The only thing better than the meal last night was the company--I can't remember laughing that much in quite awhile! Thanks for a great night guys & gals & cats & dogs!

(P.S.--Haven't had a chance to listen to my new CDs yet but I'm going to load them all on my iPod tonight. Thanks again Josh!)

Tanner M. said...

yeah that was a good time - great way to tie-up a holiday weekend.