PJ II - Rude of Me

The oh-so-witty title for this post goes out to my girl Sue Westfield in Berlin. Schreien aus, hündin! And seriously, it was terribly rude of me to whet your appetite for some Philip Jeck and not come up with the tuneage. I’m sorry, OK? They hate me…They aaaaall haaate me! (Remember when Nels and Harriet Oleson adopted that freakish Nellie clone, Nancy, and she would play the marginalized orphan card and say this every time she was caught doing something manipulative and evil? (Like, say, tricking Willy into locking a classmate in the icebox overnight so she’d miss auditions for the lead in the school play?) That is how I say this--all defensive and quivery.)

I present to you a mix with some of Jeck’s better, but not necessarily best, material. “Why not the best, Josh? W…T…Frick!” you ask and assert. Well, guys, some of his best songs are ultra-long, so for variety’s sake, I went with all relatively short ones (which for him is anything under ten minutes). Get ready to become ob-freaking-sessed with “Pax.” - Josh.

The tracklist:

1) Above
2) Wholesome
3) Pax
4) Surf Finger
5) Wipe
6) Below
7) Lambing
8) Now You Can Let Go
9) Veil
10) I Just Wanted to Know


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