Welcome to my latest Mixtape, The Season is Doomed - just in time for the funeral procession that is late Autumn. I got the idea to do an "end of season" mixtape while i was walking around in this pine forest out behind my grandparent's house this past weekend. As i remember the forest as kid, it was dark and impenetrable due to the many pine saplings and dense brambles that covered every inch of ground. Now the ground is bare, and the trees have thinned themselves out. I used to think these woods were haunted, now they just seemed a little sad, maybe a little forgotten about.

As in the woods, another season is on it's way out, just in time for the next.

Track Listing: Sleeping Village - Black Sabbath, Tio Minuter - Parson Sound, Witchcraft - Witchcraft, Fukeiga - Ghost, Journey - Pharaoh overlord, Villages - Hala Strana, I Tried to Leave You - Steven R. Smith, Inside the Keeper's Pantry - Bill Fay, Trilogie Femme - Sebastian Tellier, I'm Your Man - Leonard Cohen, Thelma - Oak, The Captain - The Knife, Hankey Panky Nohow - John Cale, Kristallen Den Fina - Harvester, Eye-Shaking King - Amon Duul 2, Long, Long, Long - The Beatles


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jay said...

Nice mix--thanks!