Take it from Riskay

Think of this as a public service announcement from the Hip Hop community and Highgate. Sort of like, "The Source presents: The More you Know (bout your boyfriend's dick)".

... Anyway - In the past Hip Hop and I have always had a love hate relationship, while i knew what i liked, and why i liked it, i couldn't categorically say whether or not said track was infact "good music".

I mean, i know it bumped in da' club and i truely felt it was a novel idea to put 'em on the glass. But would it stand the test of time? I couldn't tell. I still cannot tell... But not this time. This time, i'm certain i've found the holy grail, a perfect storm, if you will - of a timeless cautionary tale, and nuts rattling club thunder. Needless to say, I laughed, I cried, I skeeted, on the wall.
(Oh yeah, NSFW.)

Bonus white boy version.
Bonus Bonus: Remember your first time?


Tanner M. said...

ps. not all of em can be winners.

jay said...