My Cat the Pervo'

How JC rolls.

So by now you all know JC. and you also know that blogging about ones cat is a violation of the blogger code of ethics, which stipulates for every blog entry about one's cat, said blogger looses 7% of his readership and a tsunami warning in the Philippines goes unheeded. Well, to that sir or Ma'am, i bid you farewell, may you find a kitty free blog somewhere on the web; might i suggest this entertain bit of rage - and to the Philippines, dry land is not a myth, I've seen it!

I play by my own rules people, and this cat, is like no other. i mean, i was sitting down this afternoon for a nice read about my most favorite Cylon, #6. When out of the blue, she bites me in the knee and says:

"Hey is that Tricia Helfer?"

i said, "who?"

"Tricia Helfer, of Battlestar Galactica fame."

"Its #6..."

"I know who it is, she a real person you know."


"Shadup and let me paw her boobies."


1 comment:

jay said...

My cat would probably do the same thing. If we didn't remove his balls, that is...