More from NYE

I blame it on all the fun we were having, but pictures from NYE are hard to come by, and it seems like the majority of them all are blurry, washed out, or under exposed; but thankfully Gregandy and Bengela have salvaged a few from that sweaty night. Enjoy.

Greg who's kitty is this - i found it on your Flickr Account... Cuteness.
the rest can be viewed here:
Greg's Flickr
Angela's Kodak


angela said...

i can't believe you didn't post that spectacular photo of marnie. with the tiara and the big stars and the awesome...what fun, what fun. thanks again tanner and jb for hosting.

greg davis said...

thats not my cat.
its a picture i took of my friend's chris & bridget's cat. they had 3 wonderful cats. one died recently. i cant remember if it was this one or not.....