It's January now...

So what are you gonna do with all that free time? I think i was wondering that last week, and that's why i was drunk all week long. Post holiday /New year depression coupled w/ seasonal affective disorder (aka (also known as) Sad) would have me down, if i was experiencing any of those things... honnestly though, i was just bored. Couple that with a few random circumstances, and it looked like i was trying to drown demons (or shame, or fear, or whatevs.) Nah.

Know what i'm gonna be doing this month? Watching a bunch of movies. This is the perfect time to segway into "Tanner's up and coming movie trailerathon" brought to you by me and youtube.

Pan's Labrynth

Children of Men




ben said...

there's a poster for Pan's Labrynth at the roxy, but as JB pointed out, they have double-crossed us before.

the le duo said...

Why no trailer for 'epic movie' or 'dreamgirls'?

jay said...

"Pan's Labyrinth" was supposed to play at the Roxy on 12/19, but it's now listed on their website as opening on 1/19. I'm pretty sure that if my girlfriend could induce a 10-day coma so she wouldn't have to wait, she'd do it.

"300" looks good; I wasn't expecting to like "Sin City", but I was really impressed.

Tmoore said...

i wasn't expecting much from Sin City either, which is probably why i was entertained - but 300 looks to be even awesomer. I have a bit of a hardon for Spartans anyway... wait, i mean, i'm a bit of a homo for the greeks... no. i jerk off watching caligula....Arggg!!

Tmoore said...

if they don't get Pan's soon, i'm just gonna go to montreal.