Holy crap

I'm hung over. Last night was a raging success, i judge this on the utter destruction of my apartment when i woke up in the morning. The tree was at a 45 degree angle, the couches were littered with empty bottles and snoring people; the chex mix was floating in red wine, and the front steps were covered in vomit. Thanks everyone!

I wasn't able to get many great pictures, i think i saw a few other cameras going off all night long however, so if any of you out there have pictures, send them over to me and i'll post them up. I took these towards the end of the dance party portion, where the remaining hardcore were wooping it up.

who's that sexy lady? oh yeah, it's my girlfriend ;)

This was sort of how i remember the whole night.

There was alot of suck face going on. I mean alot!

there was also alot of sweating and clevage.

That's right Sarah, Herb and your little sister - got. it. on.


All American Tanner and Jenny.
I use the flag as a bath towel, i'm that patriotic.

Ebony and Ivory, they go together in perfect harmony... (sing it.)
Tara and Sara, Sara and Tara

did i mention went to my cousin's wedding that night as well?
Congrats Tonya and Pete!


jay said...

The wedding photos really confused me until I saw the last comments. For a second I thought you had a REALLY huge apartment...

I'm still angry at foodborne illness for making me miss this party. That should have been ME throwing up on your front steps...**sigh**

casey said...

I'm still angry at my social anxiety disorder. Trade ya!

jay said...

Nah, I've already got that one too...hooray for Lexapro!

greg davis said...

wonderful party guys.
thanks for hosting.
i had a blast.
i havent danced that much in ages.
i split before all of the serious puking, making out, and falling over started.

angela said...

smart move greg. i was oblivious to all of the above until it was too late and i was the only one still dancing and not sucking face. marnie, i am your number one fan. we started the i heart marnie fan club! for reals. my favorite line i didn't hear was "hey you. in the aviator jacket. i hate you." apparently i scolded ninja for turning her back on me on the dance floor.