JC Penny's makes the Grade!

I woke up this morning to check my usual bloggy line-up, only to come face to face w/ my own sweet kitty JC! On that inimitable clearinghouse of cute, cuteoverload.com I have to say, this has to be one of my proudest moments, today i come as close to knowing what it is to be a proud papa, as i probably ever want too.

But the real star, is this cutie here:

um, dude, or whomever is responsible for this website, this may not be legal. I cannot deny that those cat-tootsies are adorable, but, really, it is WAAAAAAAy too cute. And those kitty-bedroom eyes.

That's just too much.

OMG - the closeupness of it all has made me lightheaded *shallow breaths*.
Terrific photography, far superior to that in any of the cat calendars out there today. Meg and Tanner will make beeeeelyuns! Of course JC Penney's flooftastic modelling will be key.
pink beanies, pink jellybeans! [kees dem now]

I'm struggling to type anything besides incoherent stupid baby talk.

Yay, kitteh toesies! I most teekle thim!!

Thanks everyone from CO, those comments are great
JC says "Yawwwwwn... *chirp*."

New Years photos and vid are below


jay said...

Congrats proud cat papa! :)

I'm still convinced JC Pennys and my cat Petu were separated at birth--


Tmoore said...

there's a cutie kitty too!

that embeding didn't work but i pasted it into firefox - anyone know how to embed photos into a comment properly?

Megan said...

Nice wrap up, bro!

casey said...

Cuddly. Cat.

On an unrelated note, DC Talk released a 10th anniversary edition of Jesus Freak last week. Did you pick up your copy yet?

Tmoore said...

thanks Megan - sweet band too; come out to Vermont and play sometime - Casey, i got one thing to say to you about DC Talk:

"People say I'm strange, does it make me a stranger;
That my best friend was born in a manger"

*snort* (yes.)

jay said...

"I want to feel you deep inside me, Jesus" --Eric Cartman