They're baaa-ack

Looks like College is back in session, know how i can tell? No, it's not the autumn leaves beginning to fall, the shortening of days, the cool crisp air and sharp blue skies... or the bright smiling faces of young people walking with purpose to and fro - nor is it the sudden disapearence of all spaces parkable, and the noticable reappearance of all things daddy's money...

Wanna know how i can tell College is back in Session?

When i opened my apartment door saturday morning to this:


Undead Molly said...

You should've gotten a better shot of his face. Then you could make little posters declaring "Can't handle my Liquor. Please do not serve." and put them up on campus and downtown.

Anonymous said...

oooh... that's sooo worth the five bucks at hardcopy to make them.