Bill got Boinged

and he also got married...but that's beside the point; congrats Bill and Emily on your marriage, lovely wedding, and your 500+ hits.

What Boingboing said:

Bill celebrated his wedding last weeked in two unusual ways. First, the procession was led by a little girl in a Darth Vader helmet while a "hipster-country" version of the Imperial March played. Then Bill caught hidden-camera footage of his nogoodnik brother planting a camera in his nuptial suite as part of an elaborate "Shivaree" prank, and posted it on the Internet in revenge. About Shivaree, Wikipedia sez, "In the American Midwest, along the Missouri River in Nebraska and Missouri, the term takes on the meaning of playfully kidnapping the bride, curiously similar to some Central Asian traditions." Link to Vader flower-girl post, Link to practical joke post (Thanks, Bill)



This is also a reminder to anyone in the area that The Greendoor Studio is hosting another Greg Davis curated show this saturday night, i'm at work right now so i'm not gonna go into to much detail, instead i'm just going to copy and paste some more of what other people said, specificly Casey:

Just received word about another avant-garde performance taking place at Burlington’s Green Door Studios on Saturday, Sept. 23. In case you didn’t manage to swing by during Art Hop, the location is 20 Howard Street.

Performing this time around is Can’t, a.k.a. Jessica Rylan. According to local sound explorer Greg Davis, she’s “the queen of noise.” Which begs the question: Who’s the king?

Anyway, Rylan builds her own synthesizers, and recently crafted one for Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo. She’s also performed with his band mate Thurston Moore.

Sharing the bill is Door, whom Davis describes as “a young chap from New Jersey who travels with large speakers.” Hope they fit through the, um, door. Man, that was bad!

The show starts at 8 p.m. and costs a mere $5.


also, i'm not sure on this, but it seems like the Greendoor may be this town's only remaining location for outsider/weird/experimental/good music... the Narthex? is that still going? and the Box... well, i won't get into that one... Anyway, so support your local hole in the wall.


c.l.miller said...

So where were you?

Tmoore said...

that's a good question chris miller, and i'm glad you asked it... next question please...