Rainy fridays

But I'm stuck in my basement/bunker workplace, so i don't get to watch all that glorious grey and blue. Soon we're moving our office to a location on the fourth floor of a building located above the Burlington town center (square mall) and supposedly has a great view of the waterfront...
Currently it's Friday, i haven't had coffee yet, i haven't fully adjusted to the whole 9 to 5 thing, and since i've finished everything i have to do on my current project (revamping the syndiocompany corporate website) i'm blogging.

A Brief description of my mornings, per average:
1. Come in between 9, 9:30... sit down, if i have coffee, drink coffee stare at turned off monitors,
2. 10ish: turn on monitors, open up laptop.... stare some more.
3. 10:30ish, take out danish/bagel/scone/pastry/etc eat while reading morning newsfeeds (google news, Newsvine, wired news, crooks and liars, fark, Boing Boing, Pop Urls)
4. 11ish, read blogs/write-return emails
5. 11:30 - bang out some code, Cascade some style sheets, strap on the feed bag and eat some serious work.
6. 11:35 - Smoke break

Reguardless, my work gets done, and havning nothing to do until later when i move the test server over to the live server, is proof... i'd say the final site will be up over the weekend, so feel free to travel over to www.syndiocompany.com - i dare to you try and figure out what exactly it is syndiocompany does, judging from the website. Seriously, i've worked here now for a month... i still don't know what we do.
I still havn't really adjusted to the whole not-a-recordstore thing... luckily i get to dress however i want, and there are no time cards to punch... But i have been learning alot about Web design and CSS. Lately it seems like i havn't been seeing much of anyone, and i think i tend to do that when my life gets a little hectic, i tend to hole up, and when things calm down i venture forth... I'm a bit of a wuss like that i guess. Or i just like my quietude. Either way, this winter may just be the winter i get some spiritual edjumcation - my friend Scott, Adrienne's father, was the director of the shambala center here in town, and while i was living with adrienne i had quite a few enjoyable conversations with Scott about his beliefs, Buddhism, psychology (he's also a psychologist...) life, etc and i told myself that when i was in the right place i'd look into it further... we'll see...

while i'm rambling...

Tonight i'm re-adopting my sweet old cat JC Penny's from friend/ex Sara Paule, who adopted her from me when i moved to Olympia a few years ago - since then i've missed that little kitty so much. And now that i'm settling in for a long winter i'm really excited to have a little friend around the house. Expect gratuitous kitty shots soon enough...

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Anonymous said...

tanner, thanks for the update! i have an 9 to 5 job now too (8 to 4 actually).