Grumble grumble, huff puff....

OK, i know I've pretty much alienated all my readers, going from a, nearly once-aday posting schedule to my new once every, when-the-fuck-ever schedule, but i promise i'll write more regularly soon enough - So much cool shit has come down the pipes lately too... anyone catch that whole 9/11 jazz... That shit is so 5 years ago. Bring on the Nukes, then we got a party. Though to be honest i feel like all these years i may have been giving 9/11 a bad rap, maybe those weren't squibs going off, or buildings collapsing for no reason at all and i've just been confused, well, thanks in part to ABC's fact-o-mentary and the well timed Presidential speachmercial break - now i think i understand, i understand that i probably should have seen United 93 and World Trade Center when they were in the theater, cause they probably won't translate well to the small screen.

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