It's go time.

In a few hours i start my new job - and i'm kind of nervous, the most i've been asked to do at a job in the last, oh... ever, has been a little customer service, a little ka-ching ka-ching, and a little open/close.... Now i'm on Salary and have obligations, deadlines, and ... a desk? probably. i don't actually know what i'm going to be doing. My business Cards read "Tanner McCuin: Web Designer" (they wouldn't go with Sir Tanner Moore McCuin Esquire: Web Auteur Extrordinaire" cause the card wasn't big enough) so that gives me a clue.

Either way i can't sleep... so instead i guess i'll stay up all night and organize my MP3s w/ all correct Tags and associated Album artwork, delete all the duplicates and then re upload them to my ipod. That should take my mind of things for a bit.

Also, as far as this blog goes - i'm gonna try and keep up with it more, but like everyone it seems, i'm really busy right now, but more so, i'm going to be hosting my blog on my own domain, it's good practice for my job and will give me more opertunities to play around with whatever new webtoy i come across... i'll keep you posted.


Nicholas said...

Tanner. Good luck at the new job/digs. Nice to have the h'gate back.

The Le Duo said...

Tann- good luck fella- a little pice of advise: Dont stay up til 4:45am!


casey said...

When I first read: "opertunities (sp!!!) to play around with whatever new webtoy i come across," I thought webtoy said *WETBOY.*

That's awesome, huh?

Tmoore said...

pshh i wish!

no, wait.

Flatlander said...

Good luck with the new gig. So, should we expect to see all sorts of cool whiz-bang stuff going down the border here now? If so, I'm looking forward to copying it and pasting it into my template. Ha!