It's my Birthday!

Insert you're Birthday wishes below:
(hint: i'll cry if i get less than 5.)

Eva made me a birthday video, check it out on her blog

If anyone out there is feeling randy, we'll be eating and drinking at American Flatbread tonight after 7pm, then later, just drinking at the O.P. come and say hi, and buy me a beer. or just give me a hug, cause i'll probably be drunk already, and just wanting to give hugs.


Flatlander said...

Felix Navidad!

Nick said...

happy birthday man
thanks for helping julia pic out a present for me

Anonymous said...

tanner, you're cute!

happy b-day!

(mike says 'happy birthday too'!)

Eva the Deadbeat said...

happy happy joy joy! you are drunk on your bday! all is as it should be and you are also full of pizza!

casey said...


angela said...

happy day after your birthday tanner! i'm so sad to have missed the hoorah [i was working late like a total jerk].

you're awesome & rad.


Brooke said...

Happy days are here again!
Hope you had fun!

faith said...

late birthday greetings!
i still refer to you as my favorite coworker and refuse to use the past tense. it's too hard.
hope you're swell.

casey said...

ARRRGH! Post something new, you bastard!