Neil Young: Sunset Strip

Ok, so this professionally done bootleg comes into Pure Pop, and usually i don't give a shit except that it's Neil Young, and from around the Tonight's the Night period, you know the "infamous ditch period" etc, so i crap my pants and quickly make a copy of it for myself....

Now that i've gotten it home and listened to it, it's amazing, i won't get into detail here now, but suffice to say it's a bit muddy but really captures Neil at his most drunk and desperate, raw and ragged, and just pain fucking great, the band is really on, tight and also loose and downright drunk. So good.

Anyway, i just wanna share that with anyone who cares, all the Tonights' Era tracks are there, and here's one to wet your taste buds - interesting enough, i can't find info on this bootleg anywhere... yet when i loaded into Itunes, it came right up with the track listing, my guess is Ben already has it and updated the CDDB database... that Sob.


Failure is the New Progress said...

"just pain (sic) fucking great." Sometimes T-man your inadvertently coined aphorisms cut through the Gordian knot of words and rules. Congrats on Bikey.

Timefades said...

I just stumbled on your blog - lots of fun! Is there any chance you can repost Neil Young - Roll Another Number? I have never seen this bootleg before. Please? I am a big fan.

Tanner M. said...

thanks Timefades,

if you go to the most recent post, you'll see that i put up a download of the complete album. Enjoy!