End of an Era (pt.1)

Tonight me and fellow pure poppers (we're a tight crew, old school and current) found a quiet watering hole (t.rugs) and celebrated another pure pop graduation. Tonight it was Sue and Nick, two friends that have been pure poppers as long as i have, in fact Sue's first day was also my own. From here, they're moving on to Berlin, no their not going to take advantage of the amazing deals at Berlin City Automotives, but rather, Berlin the thriving European city. ( aparently their is a thriving neo-nazi skinhead scene that they want to check out...haha joking.)
I couldn't be more excited for them, partially because now i'll have a couch to crash on now when me and chris invade next year, but mainly because i've been watching as they've created their dreams stitch by stitch, day by day , and stuck with them as they've slowly been realized. Most of us at one point or another find ourselves saying something like "I'm going to move to Berlin....", it's inevitable, we all want out, always - even if it's out of bed, or out of work, out of town, out of your now too tight booth seat at Denny's or out of that weird guy's car - then we take another shot of Dos Dedos, and pass out into our cherios. That's life, right? (right!?)

But these two hardasses have done it, and in the meantime they've managed to record a brilliant album - i'm not talking "tapes n tapes" fucking, "Clap your hands say insta-indie" i'm talking about a long, involved, intricate, detailed, (www.thesaurus.com) abundant, accurate, all-inclusive, amplified, at length, blow-by-blow*, circumstantial, circumstantiated, clocklike, complete, complicated, comprehensive, copious, definite, described, developed, disclosed, elaborate, elaborated, enumerated, exact, exhausting, exhaustive, full, fussy*, individual, individualized, intricate, meticulous, minute, album - pure heart and soul, at the moment they're on their... what, almost 3rd year of work on it, daily work - in fact they have 3 tracks left to master... And from the previews i've heard it will all pay off.

So in two weeks they're hitting the road, back to dirty jerz for a few weeks vacation then out into the big bad world with their sweet beagle Janx in tow - I'm going to miss them alot, especially Sue who's been my good friend and co-worker for a while now, and when i say co-worker, i mean more like, roomate, cause when you work in a 30x30 basement with only 5 other people, 40 hours a week, you might as well be living with them... in fact i see my actual roomate far less than the poppers.

In a fellow employee i couldn't ask for more; Sue has always worked above and beyond the call - for every morning i've stumbled in a half hour late, she's been there without judgement and with a sly smile - and everytime mike's be on the edge of total fucking meltdown, she's been around to calm him and keep him from killing us all. On top of all that - she's always been the level headed one, staying out of people business, not one to gossip, not one to judge, but whenever a sympathetic shoulder was needed or a bit of good humored practical advice, she was there. Sue also single handedly changed the language we use at pure pop, "popper" being a "sueism" but a few more accurate examples might be

The 'Zon (amazon.com)
A Kizy. (phone call.)
Ma' Babies (hello fellow co-workers)
The Liz / Jankinson / etc etc (Janx, the dog.)
the dirty jerz (home)

There are so many more and i invite anyone who knows sue to write in some of their own Sueisms, i know you all have at least one, so let's here them.

I'll right more later, but for now it's late, i've had a good night out with friends, and i want to get up at some point and go to sneakers - so i guess, i'll say;

here's to setting goals, having dreams, following through, and a getting out. cheers,


casey said...

Love that Sue & Nick.

Sorry we missed it. We were in Maine, relishing in a two-day break from B-town's insular horrors.

I want to live on a farm and grow/catch my own food. No frills, no people, but with high-speed internet.

Is that a pipe dream?

Good luck, my fellow Poppers and soon-to-be Berliners.

Tmoore said...

yeah casey - that pretty much sums up my plans for the future as well.

small stone house, a few animals, a lot of fields, and a T1 connection. pipe dreams perhaps, but i guess that is up to us to decide