Green Door Studios Present:

This is a line-up that you will not want to miss.
Mark your calenders. For more information
go here, here, or ask jb a question here, or here.


The Le Duo said...

Tanner- I got you a dvd for your birthday!

hint: Its a documentary about a band you use to love (not sure if you listen to them anymore) and I at first thought was ridiculous, but later they grew on me and now I like them a lot. guess who...


Tmoore said...

The Guess who?!

The Le Duo said...

nope- good guess though- these eyes are smilin'


Flatlander said...

OK. I clicked on all of those links but can't find any details. I'm guessing its a concert with all of those bands either/both Sep 8 or/and Sep 9. If so, it looks like a great line-up. Any more details?

Tmoore said...

what would you like to know? i gots all the details