Eva gets Props

My baby's famous! web famous anyway. Eva just got featured on SF360, a popular weblog in the San Fran area. Congrats cutie!

Of all the remixes, mashups, and repurposed curiosities littering the YouTube landscape, none have mined the rich veins of celebrity and irony in the San Francisco Bay Area quite the way "The Deadbeat Club" does. The only problem: It's broadcast from Vermont. Apparently, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and a little more reckless, as Eva "Deadbeat," a ten-year resident of Northern California, reminisces on good jobs and bad, megastars and mini ones, and a variety of other subjects in her regular broadcasts.



Eva the Deadbeat said...

aww, you plugged my plug! er...ehem...thanks sweetie! ;)

casey said...


I notice you guys can't seem to stop calling each other "cutie" and sweetie" in cyber-public. There's only so much gooey-goodness I can stand before my head explodes.

Just kidding. Keep up the adorable pet names, neato videos and goofy blog posts.

Tmoore said...

we actually havn't seen each other in real life yet - makes it easy to use pet names.

Eva the Deadbeat said...

oooh, can't wait to meet you in person Tanner! you don't mind the fact that i have 5 eyes, right? it's sort of a cute defect...!? lots of gooey gooey goodness till we meet face to face, eyeball to multiple-eyeballs!

PS thanks for the props Casey and watch out for that exploding head thing!!