Severed mouse heads are low in Carbs, right?

I went up to Highgate today to, also know as the land of "stupid weird" - and while visiting my family's hardware store I over heard a conversation sometime along the lines of "Gonna stick to my hungry man one pounders, hyuck."

They were talking about the headline in Franklin County's evening "newspaper" The Saint Alban's Messenger. Not the "Pedophile's pending release angers Father" headline, but the one right below it:
Here's an excerpt:

When Bridget Zurn bought the frozen Lean Cuisine meal in January... ...The ingredients looked tantalizing: Blanched whole wheat orzo pasta, wild salmon, assorted veggies... A variety of cheeses. However there was one inedible item lean cuisine never included on the label...

... She opened the box and poked holes in the cellophane wrap. She left the kitchen as her lunch cooked - four minutes, five tops. She returned and noticed a "Funky" smell.

"It kind of smelled like a mixture of fish, and dead." she recalled (Whimsically?)

When she looked closer she noticed three light colored hairs protruding from the dish
"Uhg," she said, "There's hair in here..." She grabbed a dirty fork (?) from her sink and poked at a strange object, which looked like a fuzzy marble. Then she saw the teeth. And the Whiskers, It was a severed mouse head. Which explains the smell." (Leon Thompson, Messenger staff writer)


Eva the Deadbeat said...

mmmm, decapitated mice, my favorite secret ingredient! makes any meal better with that yummy scent of "dead!"

The Le Duo said...

Leon Thompson is Franklin Counties Dave Barry- remember his brother Beavo?