The Proposition

Affecting, lyrical, decidedly reminiscent of a swift kick to the face.
Go see this.


Tmoore said...

i agree - this was excellent, by far the best movie i've seen in the theaters this year... my guess is because herb wasn't there... every movie see with him has been terrible... lets count them...

"Scary movie 4"
"Da vinci code"

nuff said.

chris, you should watch el topo now... or to follow the ray winston thread, "The War Zone" talk about harrowing. Bonus note, ray winstone is in next years Beowulf... sweet.

c.l.miller said...

I'll look into getting El Topo, thanks for the recommendation! The War Zone has been on my list for a while... maybe I'll bump it up the Netflix queue.
I'm afraid I don't share your excitment over Beowulf however. Robert Zemeckis can take his glorified roto-scoping to hell with him.

c.l.miller said...

BTW... are you familiar with Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian? (The title should, of course, be underlined, but apparently that isn't an option...?) It sounds rather fantastic.