The Strange and Wonderful World of Video Game Re-Enactment

Other noteworthy re-enactments:

Tetris on a building

Tetris again

Pac-Man: The Movie

Pac-Man on campus

Super Mario Bros.

Another Super Mario Bros.

The Legend of Zelda


Tmoore said...

brilliant... can you imagine how much time it took to set that up? Lord knows i don't have any, what with with all my free time going into designing CD crop circles.

Tmoore said...

CD should read 3D

but i'm always willing to branch out...

Molly said...

These are incredible! Let's do Frogger with Victor and Bea on the interstate and the Winooski river. I'll start making their little frog costumes today.

Brooke said...

Aiii! Molly, you're the best. Frogger was my favorite. I'll bring a turtle. We need to create a log/alligator hybrid for the fake-out log/alligator feature.