Can you feel it?

Maybe it's that for the first time since i drove back across the south, i got to see the sun come up, combined with the cool air filtering through my windows. But i think the swelling in my brain caused by all this heat hubub and humidity has gone down and i might be able to think straight for a few hours this afternoon.

Autumn can't come fast enough for me - and then it'll past so quickly into winter.

When i was a kid and i'd look out my bedroom window in the mornings and i'd see that it was cool and crisp, sunny or no wasn't important, but that the air had metal in it and sharp. I waited for these days - It was always bittersweet though, that smell meant all sorts of good things to me, but also it meant school was back in session.

There was a field through my backyard and my cousin's backyard, that crossed a road and that was how we go to school. I could look out my bedroom window in the morning and see across that field. Sometimes their would be little rainwater ponds i'd have to navigate around - these mornings when it was wet and fresh, and i wanted to stay in bed i'd call them Earthworm days.

Christmas in the Mountains
will oldham

Should i play ball with the dogs
or walk away.
Should i play ball with dog
or walk away.
should i, take your hand,
walk across the sand.

time in the enemy,
time is the guide.
enemy behind, enemy lines....

we need an enemy.

I'm saving all my rage for you,
we need an enemy,
i'm saving all my rage.

it's christmas time in the mountains,
everything is white, tonight.



c.l.miller said...

Are you a Svankmajer fan? Have you by chance seen Little Otik?

Brooke said...

I woke up this morning thinking about crisp fall days. Fall has always been my favorite season, and I wish we had more of it here. I was remembering Asheville, North Carolina, a place I didn't live for very long, but a place that had the best weather I've ever experienced. To me, that means summer didn't last nearly as long as fall. There was some snow in the winter, but not much (OK-I would've liked a few more days of snow). You could sleep with the window open almost all year and it would feel cool enough for blankets. The air often had an edge of chill to it, but it was also usually sunny. When it rained, it rained hard, like there was something at stake.

Tmoore said...

mmmmmmmm, that sounds lovely brooke, i spent a few days in Ashville last year on my way back from the west coast, i have a very good friend that lives there. I really loved the town for the little time i was there. It felt very comfortable, it was middle of summer, hot but not humid. I was really impressed by the way the downtown was quite compacted into a few city style blocks, but then it only took a moment to get out of town.

My friend went to the warren wilson school for the hippinsane, and they had this beautiful campus, wih a river and swimming...

yes, fall needs to last longer around here... last fall actually lasted a while, i remember that we got a little tiny bit of snow around thanksgiving, but that the cold weather didn't actually come till almost christmas.

Last fall was great to as i remember, alot of good mornings on a porch with cups of strong coffee and a blanket if nessessary. newspapers and books. cigarettes.

Tmoore said...

chris, i don't know who that is... what makes you think of him/her?

Molly said...

Svankmajer is a surrealist film maker. http://www.illumin.co.uk/svank/

The image you used for this entry was from one of his feature films, Conspirators of Pleasure.

Tmoore said...

hmmm - i havn't, i found that image i think through a random fuzzysquid search and loved it. Suggest any of his films to start? can i get that at waterfront?

Molly said...

That bird-head is made from papier mache'd porn magazines.

I actually don't like his films. I find them visually compelling, but actually sitting and watching them makes me feel itchy and queasy and uncomfortable. Chris will have to recommend....

casey said...

I too, felt the fall magick yesterday.

My two cents.

c.l.miller said...

If you're interested in Svankmajer (and you certainly shouldn't feel obligated, his work is a mixed bag) both Little Otik and Alice are worth looking into. I've heard his Faust is interesting as well, though I've yet to see it.

Anonymous said...

the smell of erasers and brown paper lunch bags will always remind me of school time. exciting but apprehensive.

i liked 'little otik'; when the baby thing is small it reminds me of the baby thing in eraserhead. tanner, did you go to the CDoA Alice in Wonderland party a couple years back? they were playing in front of a projection of Svankmajer's 'Alice.' I agree that the movies do make me a little itchy creepy crawly, but not as bad as Harmony Korine.


Tmoore said...


something "of america"

Cocain dealers
Car Drivers
Cargopant designers
Cats and Dogs
Colon Divers
consumer despots
Canine Dogs
Calcium Deposits
Century Decade
Cosmopolitan Derelects

that's all i got.

Molly said...

Cthulhu Drones

Tmoore said...

wait wait... Charles Dead or Alive. ok, it all makes sense now. No i didn't go to that show, sounds like i should have though.

Speaking of Cthulhu Drones, that's what i was doing when NM played the firehouse, i was feeding an old telling of "The Fungi from Yugoth" through my Korg and processing it into a very low end drone - i thought it sounded downright evil. :)

Molly said...

Did it sound like this?

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.