You go Girlfriend!

You're probably wondering why i'm putting a youtube clip from "tyra" on my until now unsullied blog, and that's a fine question, a damn fine question.

Well, i was sitting here at work digging into this awesome cake that Lizzie Post made me for my birthday (yes, it was in august, but everyone ate it before i had a chance to taste it, so she made me another.) when i remembered that she had just recently appeared on that pinnacle of day time talk, the Emmy winning stupid-fest, "tyra".

I quickly navigated over to the youtube and punched in Lizzie post tyra, pressed enter, and blammo. Instant awesome weirdness. And boy is it weird! Soooo fucking weird. It's like something out of Stay Tuned... somehow a friend of mine, from the real world... got suddenly transported into bizzarro land. I laughed my ass off... i still can't get over how completely strange it all is. But to her credit, she did a fine job - very professional, i know if it were me in front of all those cameras and the canned audience of colorful shirt wearing smiley faced women, not to mention tyra and her "hey girlfriend, Look at me i'm fucking CRAZY!" shtick... I probably freeze up like Garth, "I'm on the TV..." Algar, and shit my pants right there on the spot.

Luckily i can't think of a single reason in the world i'd ever be on that show. phew. Thanks for the cake though Lizzie, it's really good.

here's Lizzie's take on the whole thing

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Herb said...

...and you still haven't blogged about my Letterman appearance.