Blazing Saddles
(for the ESL crowd.)

No, i didn't just see Blazing saddles and i haven't just arrived here to sing it's praises to anyone who'll listen - Unless you're 14 years old you've probably been privy to it's off the wall critique of American style racism (among other things) via meta-musical slapstick, and made your own decision if it's funny or not. (It's funny.)

What i am here to bring you, is probably the most bizarrely wonderful companion piece to this movie I've ever had the pleasure to read. I give you the ESLnotes.com's "Blazing Saddles": The English as a Second Language Movie Guide!

Here's just a taste of the 28 page guide's stoic attempt at explaining and rationalizing Mel Brook's finest achievement for the "not so good with 'merikan", crowd. This is some serious knee slapping anti-humor.

Hold it Hold it! What the hell is that shit?

“Hold it” is one way to say “stop what you’re doing.” Note that “the hell” is added to wh questions for emotional emphasis, and that “shit” can be used to refer to any particular thing or general situation.

What in the wide world of sports is going on here?

“The Wide World of Sports” was a popular TV show in the 1970s. This sentence is ridiculous, though people do ask “What in the world is going on here?” when they want to add emotion to this basic question.

We’ll make Rock Ridge think it’s a chicken that got caught in a tractor’s nuts.

A “tractor” is a truck with huge wheels that is used for pulling farm equipment across a field. “Nuts” is a slang word for testicles (or balls),

and thus this sentence is totally ridiculous and makes no sense.

No sidewinder, bushwhacking, hornswoggling cracker crocker is going to ruin my biscuit cutter.

More useless nonsense words, though you should know that “to ruin” means to destroy and that a “biscuit” is a type of cookie or cracker.

Gentlemen, please, rest your sphincters.

“Sphincters” are the muscles in a person’s butt or ass.

A totally ridiculous way to tell a person to relax.

What do you like to do? :: Play chess, screw. :: Well let's play chess...

A classic colloquial verb meaning to have sex.

You get the picture? Read the rest (doc file.)

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