Let's take a pikachu...

That's all i got for you today folks. Pikachu's vagina. I know, i know - you're probably thinking, Where's the meat and potatoes, the twig and berries... the conjoined pumpkins - if you will - that you've come to expect from Highgate.
Well folks, i'm sick, and i have been for a month, and it's getting difficult to blog when i find myself wanting to go to bed at 9:30, only to wake up at 7:30 hacking up my lungs. Walking Pneumonia they call it... But i like to think of it as Legionnaire's disease, cause that's a cooler name.
If you're like me, and find yourself indoors and under the weather most nights, do yourself a favor and rent this movie. It's fantastic, perfect for one of these cool rainy evenings in. This one was pretty good too, except for the pat melodramatic ending. While your at it, rent this one. Hmm... are you noticing a theme?


Lizzie said...

If i were a parent in that line i'd be laughing so hard i'd probably pee myself. I love how the one parent is blurred like she's in action running to save her child from the giant pikachu vag!

The ARBitrator said...

Also, you've been busy dealing with your neurotic friend (me). . . (sorry folks!)

I'm only gonna say this one more time: Quit smoking. You'll be a lot healthier.

*prepares to recieve bop on head* >_<

Tanner M. said...

Good advice A, you'll be happy to know i'm planning my quit day for the first snow fall... (i'm secretly praying for a rapid increase in global warming before then...)

Jennifer said...

hmmm . . . a theme in the movies huh . . . is it nazis? it must be nazis! recently my jew-loving boyfriend and i watched a bevy of films with a similar theme. that boyfriend o'mine, 3 nazi films in one weekend! it beats suffocating in a giant, plastic vagina!

The ARBitrator said...

Well, that's good. . . at least you didn't bop me on the head for that advice!

Some people get reeeeally cranky about it.