What impact did punk have on you?

"I didn’t even see the Pistols on their debut performance in Manchester. I was not connected enough to anything to know about that. But I caught up by the latter part of 76, early 77. And it really did make the world of Roxy and Bowie look ineffectual. It had been a brilliant grounding, and it was the learning curve was going to be essential, but in a way there was a field to raze before a new era could start. And punk razed the field. And I just stood back and watched.

And of course it was pretty evident that punk couldn’t burn forever. You know, you can only burn the house down once."

- Peter Saville, Fact Magazine 2006.


casey said...

Punk has more of an impact on me now than it ever did as a kid. Back then, I was drawn to instrumental competence and didn't quite "get" the power of the DIY ethos. Also, I found that many of these supposedly open-minded punks were some of the most insular people I'd ever encountered.

Now I have an appreciation for the importance of ensuring that all art has the freedom to be created and disseminated, regardless of individuals' fashion choices. Does that make me punk?

Actually, when confronted with certain moral or ethical quandries, I often ask myself, "WWWD?" or, "What Would Watt Do?" That usually pulls me through.

the le duo said...


The ARBitrator said...

The only effect that punk has on me is inciting the overwhelming desire to shut off the radio/other sound reproducing machinery that's blaring it out at me. Sorry, it just gets my hackles up. XP